Architectural art

Six international artists worked on the theme of “air-land” and each created a work of art for Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Gate X by Björn Melhus

Gate X

Looking for Bjorn Melhus’ Gate X within the terminal will prove to be in vain. You can only get there via the Internet. By using your laptop, smartphone or tablet PC, you have the chance to immerse yourself in the virtual parallel world of the airport. A virtual castle is brought to life hanging in the air, along with its ghostly inhabitants who represent the computer-generated standard family from the aircraft safety videos. Gate X represents the gateway to a virtual parallel world within the terminal.

Location: The virtual place

The artist: Björn Melhus, born in Kirchheim unter Teck in 1966, is a film and video artist. Since 2003 he has been a professor at Kunsthochschule Kassel. Melhus lives and works in Berlin.

Open Sky Box by Takehito Koganezawa

Open Sky Box

Takehito Koganezawa's Open Sky Box is located after the security controls on the way to the retail area. It is a floor-to-ceiling light box that is illuminated randomly in blue and white. In a very abstract way, your journey begins here.
Location: Passage between security and retail areas
The artist: Takehito Koganezawa, born in Tokyo in 1974, works with video, sound and light. His artworks include performances, sculptures, and drawings. He lives and works in Berlin.

GADGET by Olaf Nicolai

GADGET by Olaf Nicolai

Another highlight is waiting to be discovered in the airport’s outside area: A huge string of pearls made of red and white glass balls is wrapped around the passenger boarding bridge where the A380 wide-body aircraft docks. The balls wrap around the bridge like a bracelet and signal whether it is currently in use or not: The frequency of the lighting changes depending on whether the boarding bridge is not being used, is currently being used or is ready for take-off.
Location: A380 boarding bridge
The artist: Olaf Nicolai, born in Halle/Saale in 1962, is a German conceptual artist who works with a wide variety of materials. Since the early 1990s, he has exhibited in almost all of the most prestigious contemporary art locations. Olaf Nicolai lives and works in Berlin.

Starry sky by STOEBO

Star Money Collection

Immediately after arriving at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, passengers are greeted by a starry sky in the form of coins embedded in the floor. The temptation to bend down and pick them up is great. The coins from all over the world make up an extensive compendium of distant countries, travelling and flying.

Location: Arrivals exit

The artist: STOEBO stands for the collaboration of the artists Cisca Bogman and Oliver Störmer. Dutch media artist Cisca Bogman also works as a painter and graphic artist. Störmer works as an artist, sculptor and art lecturer.

untitled by Matt Mullican


On the way from the BER Train Station, located underground, en route to Airport City, pictures and motifs made by sandblasting bedeck the walls of the stairwells. The “Subject Pavilion” refers to flying, the sky and cosmology. The “Object Pavilion” is a direct reference to the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Location: The Plaza at Airport City

The artist: Matt Mullican, born in California in 1951, is one of the best-known conceptual artists in the world. He deals with the perception of reality and fiction. He uses various media such as drawings, photography and video. He lives and works in Berlin.

The Magic Carpet by Pae White

Magic Carpet

When checking in, it is worth taking a look above you: A large, red carpet made of metal mesh flutters through the air of the check-in hall. The work embodies the motif of the flying carpet, which itself comes with all sorts of associations. In the airport, it acts as a membrane between the known and the unknown, reality and imagination, memory and hope.

Location: Ceiling area of the check-in hall

The artist: Pae White, born in California in 1963, draws inspiration from architecture, craftsmanship and design. Over the years, she has developed her own visual language in numerous book and advertising projects, whose filigree character she also incorporates into the sculptures. Pae White lives and works in Los Angeles.