Elly Beinhorn (1907 - 2007)

Elly Beinhorn vor ihrem Flugzeug
Elly Beinhorn in front of her airplane (source: Bundesarchiv, picture 102-14476, photographer: Georg Pahl)

Elly Rosemeyer-Beinhorn (1907–2007) was a famous pilot. Known as “Germany’s boldest woman”, she set countless long-distance records in the 1930s, including one for a 7,000-kilometre solo flight to Africa and another for circumnavigating the globe. Her passion for flying was sparked in 1928 when she heard a speech by the pioneering pilot Hermann Köhler about the first Atlantic crossing from east to west. The daughter of a businessman from Hanover, she gained her pilot’s licence at the age of 21 against her parents’ wishes. She bought herself a small plane (a low-wing monoplane) with her savings.