Hugo Eckener (1868 - 1954)

Knud Eckener vor dem Luftschiff LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin stehend
Hugo Eckener's son Knud Eckener (source: Bundesarchiv, picture 102-06666, photographer: Georg Pahl)

Hugo Eckener (1868–1954) was a German airship pioneer. An encounter with Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin changed his life forever. Following the count’s death, Eckener became Manager of the Zeppelin works. In 1924, he succeeded in completing one of the first non-stop flights across the Atlantic with a Zeppelin airship. With his spectacular flights around the world, he came to symbolise airship travel. In the 1930s, he introduced regular, scheduled flights to North America with the Hindenburg. Eckener recorded his experiences in his autobiography “My Zeppelins”.