A walk through the history of aviation

You can take a stroll through Germany’s aviation history at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The roads and squares are named after figures from the world of aviation and the post-war chancellor Willy Brandt, who lent his name to the airport. QR codes can be found on all of the street signs. To read them, you need a smartphone and a suitable app. Simply take a photo of the QR code to find out more about Germany’s aviation pioneers.

Brunolf Baade

Brunolf Baade is closely linked to the aviation industry of former GDR.

Arthur Berson

Arthur Berson was a meteorologist and a pioneer of German aerology.

Hugo Eckener

Hugo Eckener was instrumental in the development of different kinds of airships.

August Heinrich Euler

August Heinrich Euler was an aviation pioneer and Secretary of State for Air.

Fritz Horn

Fritz Horn was a successful manager and pilot in German aviation.

Melli Beese

Amelie Hedwig Beese, also known as "Melli", was the first female German pilot.

Ludwig Bölkow

Ludwig Bölkow defined aviation history as an engineer and entrepreneur.

Oskar Erbslöh

Oskar Erbslöh was one of the most outstanding pioneers in German aviation history.

Henrich Focke

Henrich Focke became famous for constructing aircrafts and helicopters.

Hugo Junkers

Hugo Junkers was an engineer and the owner of Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG.

Willy Brandt

Due to his numerous merits Willy Brandt is the namesake of Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Margarete von Etzdorf

Margarete von Etzdorf was the second German woman to obtain a pilot's licence.

Wolfgang von Gronau

Wolfgang von Gronau was a very famous Berlin-born aviation pioneer.

Hermann Koehl

Hermann Köhl crossed the Atlantic from East to West in 1928 with a motorised plane.

Elly Beinhorn

Elly Rosemeyer-Beinhorn was one of the best-known female pilots from Germany.

Arthur Müller

Arthur Müller helped to establish the Johannisthal Airfield in Berlin.

Walter Rieseler

Walter Rieseler was an inventor, flight instructor and German aviation pioneer.

Pabst von Ohain

Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain was a German–American inventor and physicist.

Georg von Tschudi

Georg von Tschudi was a pioneer and patron of German aviation.

Käthe Paulus

Katharina 'Käthe' Paulus was a German balloon pilot and air acrobat.

Georg Wulf

Georg Wulf was a German aircraft manufacturer and aviation pioneer.