Margarete von Etzdorf
(1907 - 1933)

Marga von Etzdorf
Margarete von Etzdorf (source: Bundesarchiv, picture 183-2008-0814-503, photographer: unknown, licence CC-BY-SA 3.0)

Margarete von Etzdorf (1907‒1933) was the second German woman to be awarded a pilot’s licence. She became the first woman to be hired by Deutsche Lufthansa as a co-pilot. She bought her own plane in 1930, which she christened Kiek in die Welt. In it, she completed solo and long-distance flights to Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. She was the first woman to fly solo to Japan, completing the trip in 11 days. She crashed on the flight home and had to spend several months in a Bangkok hospital. When her solo flight to Australia failed in 1933, she committed suicide. She was just 25.