Trial operation and relocation

The airport company put Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport into operation on October 31, 2020.
Already 24 months before the start of operations, the ORAT project at BER entered its second round in October 2018. The aim of ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) was to ensure the operational readiness of the new airport and to coordinate the airport move from the old sites to BER. Starting in January 2020, employees of the airport company and process partners such as airlines, the Federal Police, customs, and ground handling service providers were prepared for the start of operations at BER. For this purpose, trial operations with employees took place every Tuesday and Thursday during the period from April to October. In July, around 400 extras were added each day. In total, more than 24,000 employees and 9,897 extras were able to get to know BER on 47 trial operation days. Around 179,000 pieces of baggage and 54,000 bookings for 2,350 flights contributed to a realistic impression of the airport.

Pictures in high-resolution quality for download can be found here:

  • Trial operation at BER
  • BER Trial operation
  • BER Trial operation
  • Trial operation at BER
  • Trial operation at BER

The move from Tegel to BER T1 and T5, or from T5 to T1, took place in three major relocation steps. To ensure a smooth opening, the move was started well before the start of operations. Due to special requirements, the move was divided into the categories of building move, apron move and aircraft move. The aim was to equalize the volume of the move so that as little furniture, equipment and apparatus as possible had to be relocated during the actual nights of the move.

Step 1

Commissioning BER
31 October 2020

Step 2

Commissioning of the South Runway
04 November 2020

Step 3

Closure of Tegel
08 November 2020