Background to the delays

Several opening dates for BER have already had to be cancelled, as the airport was unable to be completed and handed over. Some of the causes include the fact that the airport had not been built by a general contractor and that the work had been divided into too many lots, resulting in rescheduling during the construction period. The Terminal was expanded from 220,000 square metres of gross floor area to 340,000 square metres of gross floor area and made more convenient thanks to the expansion work in the South Pier or adapted for transfer traffic with the construction of an intermediate level. Even the flight operation areas, such as the aprons and taxiways, have been expanded. In addition, the Airport Company took the decision in 2010 to add two additional building sections (the so-called Pavilions) to the left and right of the Terminal to the BER construction programme, this being required as a result of new EU safety provisions. This rescheduling also resulted in errors in the technical building systems, among others, as the engineering office, which had been responsible for the technical building systems within the joint venture of general planners, had to apply for insolvency.

Moreover, during the course of the notified inauguration back in June 2012, work was undertaken at pace and in parallel in order to get to grips with the many deficiencies that were evident in those areas, resulting in the fact that the construction was not ready to be approved. Following the failed inauguration in 2012, notice of termination was issued to the general planner and other knowledge bearers left the project. Construction work came to a standstill. Inventory analyses, the discovery of other vulnerabilities, and renovation of the existing inventory with the aim of restoring the project’s viability proved to be extremely time-consuming. After swapping responsibilities several times, the Airport Company finally announced at the end of 2017 that Berlin Brandenburg Airport was due to open in October 2020. The setting of this date was preceded by a detailed inventory and risk assessment.