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Submitted on 01.01.2017 / Berlin

Photo material of press releases 2017

  • From Berlin to Warsaw
  • With LOT to Warsaw
  • Aigle Azur to Paris-Orly
  • Willkommen in Berlin, Joon
  • Welcome to Berlin, Joon

Submitted on 12.10.2016 / Berlin

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Terminal

  • BER Terminal
  • Main Pier North
  • Pier South, staff canteen
  • Main Pier South
  • Security clearance points

Submitted on 30.09.2013 / Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Real Estate Sites and Visions

  • Airport City: The heart of the new airport
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center
  • Berlin-Brandenburg Airport Center
  • Four-star superior hotel representing the Steigenberger Group.
  • 3-star hotel
Airport City: The heart of the new airportThe office centre ²BAC is situated in the Airport CityThe terminal and the underground station are only a few minutes’ walk away.The hotel will open at the same time as the new airport.Plans for further investments are underway: 3-star hotel.Airport City offers outstanding perspectives for further investments.By purchasing approx. 38 hectares, the SEGRO real estate group has acquired the largest section to date of the Business Park Berlin.On the Berlin side south of the B96a, SEGRO is developing the multifunctional Business park “Berlin Airport”.Hotel Meininger owned by ANH Hausbesitz GmbH & Co. KG.The Airgate site forms the gate to the airport from the motorway.The two multi-storey buildings on the Airgate site represent a significant landmark even at night.The central axis from the terminal across Midfield Expo Gardens to Airgate is formed by the strong financial inner zone of the airport.The Brandenburg landscape is supported by lively urban development to the north.A green pedestrian bridge connects the two sections and continues the green look into the orthogonal city.The hangar for airberlin and Germania.The Lufthansa Technik AG hangar.Air cargo centre for handling bellyhold freight.The Service Area South development, located to the south-east of the Airport City, is intended for companies that work on the airside or are involved in airport operations.The technical maintenance building is located in Service Area South at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.Fire Station West and the airport control centre at Berlin Brandenburg Airport
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