Tegel Airport

Berlin Tegel 'Otto Lilienthal' Airport is still regarded as a symbol of the economic miracle in a developing West Berlin. Since its very beginnings in the late 1940s, around the time the Berlin Airlift was set up, Tegel has continued to develop. Its notable hexagonal main terminal building was built in the early 70s and by the mid 70s Tegel had become the most important airport in Berlin. Even today, the airport in the north of Berlin forms the economic backbone of the Berlin airports. In 2012, Berlin Tegel Airport welcomed more than 18 million passengers.
Published at 03.04.2013

TXL in summer 2010

A bmi Airbus being handled in Tegel in July 2010

Hannes Stefan Hönemann

Hannes Stefan Hönemann Head of Corporate

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Daniel Tolksdorf

Daniel Tolksdorf Spokesperson

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Kathrin Westhölter

Kathrin Westhölter Spokesperson

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