Photography and filming permits at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Filming and photography for current news reports are generally possible in the public areas at the Berlin airports Tegel and Schönefeld and also at the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport upon prior notification.

Please notify us in advance by completing and returning by e-mail the form requesting permission to photograph and film.

Public areas

These include, for example, the terminal and passenger handling facilities, the access road, and if open, the visitors' terrace.

Please also note that not all motifs are our sole responsibility. The respective airlines have the final say regarding filming on their aircraft, the tower is operated by German air traffic control, passenger and freight handling are undertaken by handling companies, while customs and police issues are dealt with by the relevant authorities. In other words, such decisions are taken by several companies.

We will gladly provide contacts and/or help with coordination. Capacity bottlenecks or political restrictions may lead to filming and photography requests being rejected without explanation.

Security areas

These include the apron, departure lounges, jetways and hangars.

Filming or photography in the security areas is only possible if arranged well in advance and is subject to supplementary conditions. As a rule, security equipment and staff may not be photographed or filmed.

Film shoots and photography

Please note that it may take several days to clear extensive film productions with the transportation authorities and airport security. To initiate the procedure, we require details of

  • the date of shooting
  • the duration of shooting
  • the start time
  • the number of people involved
  • the desired motifs.

Please note:

In the event of an accident or a definite threat, permits may be restricted, withdrawn or moved to another date without explanation. Requests for photography and filming permits should be addressed to the Press Office at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Fees photo and film footage

Please find all information in our fees for miscellaneous services.

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