Berlin Airports Start More Preparatory Work for the Construction of BBI

05.07.06 10:36
Berlin Airports have started more preparatory work to extend the airport at Schönefeld.
Bridge construction 262, a 90 m stretch of the western rail link with the BBI terminal station, will be completed at the western edge of the future airport site near Selchow by April 2007. The future L 75 rural road and the supply and disposal pipes for BBI will be carried over the railway line here on a bridge.

Work is also continuing south-east of the future BBI site at the Rotberg reservoir. As has been reported, Berlin Airports have upgraded the Rotberg rainwater storage reservoir and the course of the Selchow flood ditch and removed contaminated waste from the site during the past few months. The Rotberg reservoir will now be extended in a north-westerly direction until October 2006. The Rotberg reservoir is a central element in the drainage plan for the German capital’s new BBI airport. The Rotberg reservoir will be required when ground water levels are lowered during building work on the BBI terminal station.

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