New path through the Zuelow lakes in Rangsdorf

27.07.06 09:45
Completion of the International Work Camp 2006 / Young people from eight nations work as Zuelow caretakers
The international work camp in Rangsdorf is drawing to a close. Fifteen young guests from eight nations have voluntarily spent three weeks in the conservation and recreation area around the Zuelow lakes.

Starting in 2007, the most extensive adjustment and reclamation project will take place in the Zuelow lowland area as part of the expansion of Schoenefeld Airport, the future Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI.

The Zuelow lowland is located between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf, and Groß Machnow/Rangsdorf and comprises around 2,600 hectares of open lowland area. The Verein fuer Landschaftspflege und Umweltschutz Teltow-Flaeming e.V. (Teltow-Flaeming Association for Rural Conservation and Environmental Protection) organised the work camp together with the Verein Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste / ijgd (Association for International Youth Community Projects). The international project was funded by the Berlin Airports.

The young people restored a washed-out 300 metre path between the Zuelow lakes. A resurfaced path now ensures a dry crossing of the green heart of Rangsdorf between the Winterfeldallee and the Zuelowpromenade throughout most of the year. Self-made signs point the way to the area and the “conservation owl” sign at the entrances calls attention to the unique value of the Zuelow lakes. Nearly two cubic metres of refuse were collected and disposed of; the bridge over the Zuelow channel has been restored and a small platform offers an inviting place to rest in the natural surroundings.

“This is a result to be proud of”, sums up Markus Mohn of the Teltow-Flaeming conservation association “Despite the record breaking heat wave, the young people invested nearly 1,000 hours of work in the project. An additonal 350 hours of work were provided by volunteers from the Rangsdorf community as well as the water and land association and the forestry and conservation associations”.

The required environmental conservation measures for the construction of the airport BBI will be implemented starting in early 2007. The improvements to the natural landscape of the Zuelow lowlands include new border plantings to revitalise the agricultural landscape. The meadows, pastures, and channels will provide improved habitats for dragonflies and other insects, birds and amphibians. The Zuelow lakes in Rangsdorf will once again serve as a starting point for hikes and cycling tours in the region.

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