Active battle against illegal employment

03.08.06 09:19
BBI construction site under strict surveillance / Access requires special permit / Transparency International monitors tendering procedure
The Berlin Airports have launched a battle against illegal employment at the city’s new BBI Airport where construction is scheduled to begin soon.

All planning and construction companies working at the BBI site are required to sign an agreement stating that they will uphold the collective wage contracts and abide by the regulations against illegal employment and illegal hiring out of employees. Berlin Airports will conduct regular inspections at the construction site to ensure compliance with the strict regulations. According to Airport Managing Director Thomas Weyer “The BBI will be the largest construction site in eastern Germany and we plan to actively deal with illegal employment”.

Contractors are required to comply with the following: ·Compliance with the relevant collective bargaining regulations

  • Complete and timely payment of national insurance contributions
  • Employees from non-EU countries must have the required residency permit
  • Disclosure of payroll accounting for monitoring by the client, Berlin Airports
  • Contractors may only assign subcontractors who agree to comply with the negotiated collective wage agreements

To prevent access by illegal workers, strict security guidelines are in place for the BBI construction site. These restrictions are outlined in detail in the construction site directives. The entire construction site will be fenced in and guarded. All trucks entering, exiting or operating on the construction site will be carefully monitored via computer control. Access to the construction site requires a special identification card and is only possible through two strictly monitored gates. All workers on the airport construction site must be in possession of a valid social insurance card, otherwise their identification pass will be immediately withdrawn.

The Berlin Airports will work closely with government authorities during the BBI construction process and conduct regular inspections to safeguard against illegal employment.

Through the collective wage agreement and regular inspections, the Berlin Airports aim to ensure transparency in the construction of the new airport in Schoenefeld. In an effort to prevent corruption and illegal contracts agreements involving the expansion of Schoenefeld Airport, Berlin Airports signed an integrity agreement with the independent organisation Transparency International Deutschland in February 2005. This agreement is now a permanent part of the tendering process for selecting contractors, construction companies, planning, engineering and advisory offices. It is valid for the duration of the contracts. As the first company nationwide, the Berlin Airports are also employing the use of an external observer, who will monitor compliance with the integrity agreement.

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