A response to easyJet’s criticism of BBI

28.08.06 14:18
BBI will be the first new airport to be built in Europe since the emergence of the low cost carriers. The fundamental principles of BBI are as follows: to focus traffic under one roof (the “One Roof Concept”) in order to overcome the artificial fragmentation of air traffic in Berlin which is responsible for increasing costs; to exploit synergies by merging three locations; to implement a modular extension in line with market growth. All of BBI’s plans rest on the basic principle of maximum flexibility, enabling us to react as swiftly as possible to market demand and developments.

Berlin Airports have met with all major airline customers, including easyJet, several times since autumn 2005 to present the plans for BBI. Suggestions made by the airlines have been incorporated in our plans. The process of consulting with the airlines and preparing detailed plans for BBI has not yet been concluded. Many of the requests we have received from the airlines will flow into the final plans for BBI, and into the terminal plans in particular. The immediate outcome of our talks was the provision of a pier specially designed to comply with the needs of low-cost carriers (walk-boarding). Only last week, easyJet greeted these plans as “an encouraging adoption of low-cost principles”. The low-cost pier would secure a maximum turnaround time of 30 minutes which is important for low-cost airlines. With its low-cost pier, BBI is an airport with a well-designed, efficient floorplan. BBI will have between 26 and 42 stands for low-cost carriers. In light of these details we find the criticism voiced by easyJet today surprising and completely unfounded.

A high level of cost consciousness is a key factor throughout all plans for BBI: the construction costs are well below the average for similar projects. The extension work will take place in line with market conditions: we will only build what is actually needed (the airport’s initial capacity will be 22 million passengers). The airport is designed to by modularly extended in line with market growth. Low operating costs are one of our planning targets.

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