Europe's most modern concrete factory is put into operation

26.10.06 11:54
3.4 million tonnes of concrete are used to build the BBI/Delivery by rail contributes to protecting the surrounding area
Today, Europe's most modern concrete factory was put into operation on the construction site of the new BBI City Airport. The concrete factory was set up directly on the construction site in order to secure the necessary amount and quality of concrete and comply with the emission specifications outlined in the decision on planning permission. By the time the BBI opens, a total of 3.4 million tonnes of concrete will have been produced centrally on site.

The operating authority of the concrete factory is the company becker bau GmbH & Co. KG, Bornhöved (bbb), based in Schleswig-Holstein. The order volume amounts to 80 million euros.

"The central concrete factory on the BBI construction site provides the most cost-effective solution for realising the BBI", says Thomas Weyer, Technical Director/BBI of Berlin Airports. "We are transferring traffic from road to rail and thus making a significant contribution to protecting the surrounding area."

"The new BBI concrete factory is the most productive system around for the provision of concrete centrally", says Jürgen Schabow, CEO of becker bau. "In peak periods, over 100 employees will work on up to four concrete mixing plants. We are also planning to hire more people in the Berlin/Brandenburg area."

Transportation of the aggregates by rail provides an environmentally friendly solution. A total of 3.4 million tonnes of cement, sand, gravel and grit will be delivered. Railion Deutschland AG will be responsible for delivering and unloading over two million tonnes of aggregates and EGP for delivering around 500,000 tonnes of cement. By transferring transportation from road to rail, a total of 600,000 HGV journeys can be saved. This will cut traffic on public roads by around 500 journeys per day between 2006 and 2011.

The concrete factory was set up on an area of approximately 70,000 m². Operation of the plant commenced with a mixing plant with capacity for up to four additional mixing plants, if necessary. A peak output of an outstanding 900 m³ concrete per hour and 10,000 m³ concrete per day can thus be achieved. The entire building logistics are supported by the most modern, satellite-controlled technology.

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