New security regulations for hand luggage

02.11.06 11:22
Restrictions still in place on carrying liquids in hand luggage / Transporting in a separate, transparent plastic bag
On 6 November new hand luggage regulations will come into effect for all passengers departing from airports in the European Union (EU). This specifically concerns taking liquids on board. The new security regulations were enacted by the EU to protect passengers from the threat of liquid explosives.

Passengers may carry liquids in their hand luggage, but only within single containers (tubes, cans, bottles) each of which with a capacity not greater than 100 ml. These must be contained in a separate, transparent plastic bag, which must not exceed 1 litre in capacity. Only one bag per passenger is permitted. This plastic bag (e.g. re-sealable freezer bag, standard bag with zip fastener) may contain any number of containers, but must be completely sealed and presented for examination at the security checkpoint.

Passengers are requested to supply their own plastic bag and pack the liquids in the bag accordingly at home. Plastic bags can also be purchased at Berlin Airports.

The definition of liquids include gels, pastes, lotions, liquids/solid mixtures and the contents of pressurised containers, e.g. toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, shaving foam, aerosols and other items of a similar consistency. Special food/drink (e.g. baby food/milk) and medication essential for the flight must not be transported in the bag, however they must be presented separately for examination at the security checkpoint and a plausible explanation must be given for the need for such items. Lipsticks and lip balms must also not be transported in the plastic bag.

Travel value and duty-free items purchased on the day of departure in one of the shops after the security checkpoint at airports in the EU or on board an EU airline continue to be permitted in hand luggage, provided that proof of purchase on that day is given. This also applies to liquids such as perfumes, creams, gels or spirits. The purchased items will be given to passengers in sealed bags together with the proof of purchase. This tamper-proof bag cannot be opened without tearing. Passengers must therefore not open the bags until they have reached their final destination.

Passengers can obtain information on the new security regulations, including announcements and flyers, from Berlin Airports in Tegel, Schönefeld and Tempelhof as well as online at www.berlin-airport.de.

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