Consortium of Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses to Build Airport Railway Station

22.11.06 16:21
Berlin Airports award first major construction contract for capital airport to four regional companies / Construction to commence in 2007
The first major BBI construction contract is being awarded to companies from the Berlin-Brandenburg region: A consortium of small- and medium-sized businesses consisting of Schälerbau Berlin GmbH, Berger Bau GmbH, Bleck & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG and the company Ingenieurbau-Gesellschaft mbH (all of Berlin) will realize the shell of the subterranean BBI railway station and excavation of the approx. 3.4 km of tunnels inside the airport fence. According to BBI managing director Thomas Weyer: “On-schedule awarding of structural works contracts for the railway station means that the airport expansion project is well within its timetable. The fact that the contract was awarded to a local consortium of small- and medium-sized businesses shows how successful our small- and medium-sized business concept is for BBI. Regionally based companies are profiting greatly from the new airport."

In the next few months, the Berlin Airports will press ahead with the execution planning for the railway station and railway integration. Starting in 2007, the shear wall construction, lowering of the groundwater in the central construction site area beneath the future terminal, and excavation, foundation, and concrete construction work will follow. Starting in the second half of 2008, the tunnels and the railway station will be covered by apron areas, the airport terminal and the access roads.

The work on the railway station and rails is based on the railway agreements for BBI concluded in September 2006 between the Federal Republic of Germany, the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg, Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail) and the Berlin Airports. It regulates the details of the financing and realization of the BBI railway connection and the airport railway beneath the terminal.

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