Extension of the Rotberg rainwater storage reservoir completed

28.11.06 16:13
Central element in the drainage plan for BBI/ Extension in a north-westerly direction
Just a few weeks after the opening of the BBI concrete factory, Berlin Airports have completed another BBI construction project: the Rotberg rainwater storage reservoir and the course of the Selchow flood ditch were expanded for the drainage of the future capital airport BBI. The Rotberg reservoir lies to the south-east of the future BBI site and was extended in a north-westerly direction. Work was carried out from June to November 2006. The extended Rotberg reservoir can store up to approximately 77,500 m³ of rainwater. The stored rainwater covers around 56,000 m² with a maximum water depth of 2.30 metres. The rainwater reservoir contains four 50 to 100 cm deep bog pools (small ponds) that serve as ecologically valuable retreats for amphibians and biotope development, and a newly built dam mechanism offers protection against flooding.

The main company in charge of the construction project was Gottlieb Tesch GmbH in Stahnsdorf/Brandenburg. The other companies involved in the construction work also come from the Berlin-Brandenburg region, including PRB Spezialtiefbau GmbH (sheet piling), Schulzendorfer Elektro GmbH (electrical/EMSR work), Brechtel Spezialtiefbau GmbH (drainage), Schlosserei Heinisch (locksmith work), Schröck Landschaftsbau GmbH (landscaping) and Dirk Teuchert Elektro- und Zaunanlagenbau (fencing). VAG-Armaturen GmbH in Mannheim was responsible for hydraulic engineering.

Before commencing with the expansion, Berlin Airports worked on upgrading the Rotberg rainwater storage reservoir and the Selchow flood ditch between April 2005 and April 2006. As part of the contaminated site clean-up for expanding Schoenefeld Airport to the BBI Airport, contaminated mud from GDR times was removed and professionally disposed of.

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