Berlin Airports: Yes to Tempelhof Settlement

04.01.07 09:56
Wowereit calls on petitioners to accept the settlement, too
The Berlin Airports accept the settlement proposed by the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg to close the inner-city airport.

The company’s Supervisory Board today approved a draft statement to that effect submitted by the Executive Board of the Berlin Airports. Under the terms of the proposed settlement, Tempelhof Airport can be closed with effect from 31 October 2008, one year later than initially planned.

Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Berlin Airports: “The settlement is a good compromise and a fair solution that caters to the different interests of the airport company and the airlines contesting the closure. The settlement can put an end to legal disputes and provide everyone concerned with an assured basis on which to plan. We now call upon the airlines contesting the closure ruling to accept the settlement, too.”

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