New passenger signposting system for Berlin-Tegel Airport

Renaming of the terminals makes it easier to find your away around
With the switch to the summer flight plan in 2007, the Berlin-Tegel Airport will be given a new passenger signposting system. To make it easier for flight passengers to find their way around the airport, the previous names of the terminals will be replaced by a clear letter sequence. Parallel to this, the gates in the individual terminals will be given logical new numbers. As soon as they arrive, passengers can see at a glance which area of the terminal to go to for check-in.

The switch of the signposting system will occur in conjunction with the introduction of the summer flight plan on the night of 24 to 25 March 2007. By that time, the signposts at the entrance, on the terminal buildings and in the main hall will have been updated.

The location of the renamed terminal areas at a glance:

  • The hexagonal gate ring – main terminal of the airport – will become: Terminal A (Gates 0–15).
  • To the east of the gate ring: Terminal B (Gates 20-39).
  • The new terminal to the east of Terminals A and B will become Terminal C (Gates 40-57).
  • The terminal in the south-west of the area will become the Terminal D (Gates 70-91).
  • The arrival area between passenger gate ring and Terminal D will change its name to Terminal E (Gates 16-18).
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