Parking prices in Schoenefeld cut

29.03.07 15:53
Long-stay parkers save on parking fees
New low prices for long-stay parkers at Schoenefeld Airport: a week's parking in car park P5 now costs only 39 euros instead of 70 euros, two weeks' parking costs just 64 euros instead of 90 euros and travellers now only pay 89 euros instead of 120 euros for three weeks' parking. Each additional week costs 20 euros. Travellers who park for up to three days in car park P5 pay 29 euros and from day 3, pay a maximum of 10 euros instead of 18 euros per day.

"With these new low prices for long-stay parking we have created a very attractive offer, especially for our customers from West Poland, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt", says Burkhard Kieker, Head of Marketing.

You can find the current parking prices for Berlin Airports online at www.berlin-airport.de.

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