BBI construction site turns into an experience

25.04.07 14:18
Construction work begins on BBI Infotower / Introducing construction site mascot Armin
Construction work has begun on the BBI Infotower at the construction site for the future Capital Aiport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI. In just a few months, interested visitors can experience the BBI and the latest developments on the site live and up close. The 32-metre high BBI Infotower will provide a unique view over the construction site, the size of which is equivalent to 2,000 football pitches. The Berlin branch of PORR GmbH & Co. KG is carrying out the works contract. The BBI Infotower was designed by the Berlin architecture firm Kusus+Kusus.

The BBI Infotower is characterised by an unusual and striking design. Based on a triangular form, the tower twists to form a striking construction offering spectacular views from all perspectives. The shell is made of a transparent membrane which underscores the dynamic shape of the tower and forms the backdrop for various illuminations.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, emphasised the importance of BBI for the German capital region at the beginning of construction work on the BBI Infotower: "A piece of the future is being built in Berlin Schoenefeld and we want to communicate this to the public. As of mid 2007, the BBI Infotower will give our visitors a direct insight into developments on the most important construction site in the German capital. What is also new is our construction site mascot Armin, who will now be reporting directly from the BBI."

Construction site mascot Armin

As construction work began on the BBI Infotower, Berlin Airports introduced its construction site mascot Armin. Armin is a two-legged male ant with four arms. He wears a boiler suit and rubber boots and talks with a slight Berlin accent. Armin is a popular figure who informs the public about developments on the construction site, for example in publications and on the website of Berlin Airports. He also appears at events held in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Other ongoing construction work on the site

Construction 262: By the end of April 2007, so-called Construction 262 – a 90-metre section of the western rail link to the BBI station – will be built on the western edge of the future airport site near Selchow. The future country road L75 and the supply and waste disposal lines for the BBI will be laid here along a tunnel over the rail connection.

BBI station: In March 2007, preparations began on the construction of the underground BBI station. Construction work is being carried out by a medium-sized cooperation comprising Schälerbau Berlin GmbH, Berger Bau GmbH, Bleck & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG as well as Ingenieurbau-Gesellschaft mbH (all in Berlin). Following the lowering of the groundwater, excavation work will be carried out and the foundations and concrete will be laid for the station.

Taxiway system: On 26 March 2007, construction work began to link the BBI taxiway system to the existing south runway at Schoenefeld Airport. The south runway is being extended from 3,000 to 3,600 metres to the future BBI north runway and supplemented by four exit taxiways and four access taxiways.


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