AirportRun 2007

18.06.07 11:18
Half-marathon around the BBI construction site / Supporting programme for spectators and the curious
On 30 June 2007, Berlin Airports and the real BERLIN MARATHON organiser SCC RUNNING will be holding the "2nd AirportRUN". This athletic event is not only geared towards professional runners and power walkers but also the general public.

Berlin Airports aims to use the run as a means of showing an interested public the progress being made on constructing the Capital Airport BBI, with planes taking off and landing conveying the true atmosphere of the airport.

The run starts in Berlin-Bohnsdorf, taking runners along the east side of Schoenefeld Airport, then heads south via a section of the new Capital Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI to Rotberg. Then it's back via Selchow and Waßmannsdorf to the finishing line at Schoenefeld Airport. The AirportRUN is a half-marathon of 21.0975 km (13.1 miles). Four drink stations and a medical station are provided for runners on the course. A second medical station awaits runners at the finishing line.

Be it a prep run for other runs or just to obtain an insight into the airport world and BBI building project: the AirportRUN appeals to both active participants and spectators. The run will come to a close with a supporting programme in the form of a stage show at the finish with live music, a tombola and catering stands and attractions for children. Live reports from runners and a helicopter will be broadcast on stage.

Athletes can register for the event on the administration site of Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport, where the exact registration point will be signposted. Shuttle buses will be provided to take runners to the starting point in Berlin-Bohnsdorf. Over 1,200 participants have already registered for the run.

Berlin Airports recommends travelling to the event using public transport. Those wishing to travel by car will find signposts indicating additional parking spaces opposite Schoenefeld town hall, next to the Holiday Inn. Participants will be driven from here by shuttle to the registration stand.

Late registration: Those who haven't yet registered to participate in the run can register on the day of the event between 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.

Registration: 30/6/2007, 4 p.m.

Run begins: 30/6/2007, 6 p.m. Start: Berlin-Bohnsdorf

Finish: Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport, administration site

For more information, please visit: www.berlin-airportrun.de

The AirportRUN was created in 2006 by Berlin Airports and the real BERLIN MARATHON organiser SCC RUNNING. Last year, however, soaring temperatures of over 34 °C in the shade and high ozone values forced organisers to cancel the event.

Zur Grafik: Start = Start / Ziel = Finish / Berliner Stadtgrenze = Berlin city boundary / 21,0975 km Halbmarathon = 21.0975 km half marathon / Kilometer = Kilometre / Erfrischungspunkt = Drink station / Verpflegungspunkt = Medical station /
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