New BBI substation already supplying Schoenefeld Airport

21.06.07 11:06
Important milestone reached in relocating power supply installations to clear the construction site for the future Capital Airport BBI
The newly erected substation Schoenefeld South, located outside the airport grounds, is now supplying power to Schoenefeld Airport. Thanks to the intensive preparatory work carried out by the project teams of E.ON edis AG and the airport, the switch-over went smoothly and airport operations were not affected. In the run-up to the switch-over, 11 kilometres of high-voltage transmission lines were relocated and put into operation outside the airport grounds.

In the course of clearing the construction site for the BBI, 110,000-volt high-voltage transmission lines, a 110,000-volt substation and numerous medium and low-voltage installations and communication systems must be replaced and dismantled. The official go-ahead for the beginning of construction was given on signing the relocation contract in June 2006.

In the next six weeks, the public power supply will be switched over to the new substation Schoenefeld South.

The entire commissioning work is scheduled for completion by early August. Those power supply installations currently located on the grounds of the future BBI Airport which are no longer required will then be dismantled by E.ON edis.

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