Half-yearly Report 2007 & Traffic report June 2007

09.07.07 10:16
Dynamic growth in passenger volume during the first six months of the year / Schoenefeld and Tegel well in the black / Tempelhof loses nearly half its passengers
Berlin Airports reported a healthy year-on-year increase in traffic volume in the first half of 2007. A total of 9,293,996 passengers were counted at the three Berlin airports in the first six months of this year. This result represents growth of 7 per cent. In concrete figures, that is over 600,000 more passengers travelling to and from Berlin during that period. The airports Schoenefeld and Tegel were once again able to give their sales figures a great boost in the first six months, during which time Schoenefeld saw growth of 9.6 per cent, with 3,006,742 passengers, and Tegel growth of 9 per cent, with 6,103,115 passengers. By contrast, the number of passengers in Tempelhof continued to fall steadily and was down by 46.3 per cent in the first half-year 2007 to 184,139.

Traffic Report, June 2007

A total of 1,766,680 passengers took off from and landed at the Berliner airports in June. That is 8.4 per cent more than in the previous month. Schönefeld Airport handled 572,318 passengers in June. This result corresponds to growth in passenger traffic of 6 per cent.

In Tegel, the number of pasengers rose by 13.2 per cent to 1,160,390.

The volume of traffic at Tempelhof is continuing to shrink rapidly. The number of passengers fell by 46.8 per cent to 33,972 compared with the same month last year.

The total number of aircraft movements at the three Berlin airports came to 22,366 take-offs and landings. In a year-on-year comparison, that is a fall of 3.2 per cent, which can be explained by the high traffic frequency during the World Cup in 2006.

The volume of air freight flown was up by 6.9 per cent to 1,717 tons.

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