BBI Airport: new drinking water and wastewater pipelines come online

23.07.07 16:09
New mains systems clear site for Capital Airport BBI
New drinking water and wastewater pipelines have come online in the supply area of the Brandenburg water authority MAWV (Märkischer Abwasser- und Wasserzweckverband). The new mains systems became a necessity when MAWV's entire water and technical water infrastructure on the BBI grounds had to be relocated in the process of clearing the construction site for the BBI.

The relocation work was mainly carried out by local companies under the direction of the MAWV and Berlin Airports. In total, approximately 26 kilometres of old and new drinking water and wastewater pressure lines were relocated. The entire construction project amounts to an order volume of around 20 million euros.

The construction project focused on relocating the drinking water pressure line DN 600, which connects the Eichwalde waterworks to the municipality of Schoenefeld and other municipalities further west. It is the most important pipeline in the network system with the water and wastewater associations Ludwigsfelde and Mahlow-Blankenfelde. The relocated drinking water line enables water supply to the BBI and also ensures the supply of around 100,000 people in the region. Another important project was the relocation of the main wastewater pressure line DN 700 to the wastewater treatment plant Wassmannsdorf. Both the existing airport in Schoenefeld and around 33,000 inhabitants from the supply area of MAWV are connected to this main waste disposal line.

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