Making Rangsdorf’s Green Artery More Accessible

30.07.07 16:04
International Work Camp 2007 gets under way / Sixteen young people from eight nations work as “Zuelow caretakers”, making an active contribution towards protecting the environment all around the BBI Airport.
Today marks the beginning of a stint of voluntary work in the nature reserve and local recreation area around the Zuelow lakes for 16 young guests from eight nations. There, in the Zuelowniederung area, is where the largest single project of the compensation and reparation measures being undertaken in conjunction with the expansion of Schoenefeld Airport, the future Airport Berlin Brandenburg International, BBI. The Zuelowniederung is an area of 2,600 hectares of open lowland lying between Mittenwalde, Dabendorf and Gross Machnow/Rangsdorf.

This is already the third time that the Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation) has organised the international work camp in conjunction with Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd) (Association for International Youth Community Projects).

The youth camp is sponsored by Berlin Airports, which supports the ecological upgrading of the natural and cultivated landscape of the Zuelow lowlands as part of the compensation and reparation measures for the building of the BBI airport. Work is due to commence here in autumn 2007 on revitalising the depleted agriculturally dominated landscape, for example by improving peripheral and grassland structures and woodlands. The paths along the Zuelow channel will then become part of a network of paths, making Rangsdorf an even more popular starting point for walks and cycling tours into the area.

Says Markus Mohn of Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg: “We are really pleased that the work camp has now become something of an institution in Rangsdorf. First and foremost, the camp project naturally contributes towards the young people’s personal development, but the people of Rangsdorf and their visitors, the town and the region all profit from it, too. This is underscored by the broad support it receives both from the community and the local authorities.”

Last weekend, the team of 16 to 26-year-olds from Germany and seven other European countries arrived in Gross Machnow, where they will be staying at an old rectory for the next three weeks. Their work as “Zuelow caretakers” begins today and they will spend the three weeks regenerating the conservation and recreation area along the Zuelow channel – Rangsdorf’s “green artery”.

The Zuelow channel extends three kilometres from north to south through Rangsdorf and is embedded in a green corridor of alder woods. There are only a few spots where the water can be reached and that is where the young people will be working, building nature-oriented reinforcements and repairing sections of pathways, removing refuse, providing nesting aids for birds as well as information about the countryside. All of these activities are aimed at making Rangsdorf’s green artery more accessible to the general public. The sight of water birds and gnarled trees will give future users as much pleasure as the newly cleared and improved pathways that will be a welcome alternative to the roads.

On 1 August, the participants will visit Schoenefeld Airport to find out all about the construction of the BBI.

Media representatives are cordially invited to visit the work camp and talk to the young people about the landscape conservation work they are doing.

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