Bigger Job Agency to Open at Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport

Berlin Airports and the Agentur für Arbeit Potsdam (Potsdam’s municipal employment agency) today signed a co-operative agreement / Future airport with attractive job potential
Dr Manfred H. Bobke-von Camen, HR Director of Berlin Airports, and Edelgard Woythe, Chair of the Management Board of Agentur für Arbeit Potsdam, today signed a co-operative agreement on the further development of the job agency that opened at Schoenefeld Airport in December 2003. The development of Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport into the Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI is the largest infrastructure project in East Germany and as such is creating some 40,000 new jobs. The co-operation will create the ideal conditions for recruiting suitable employees.

The new aspect is that a project manager from Agentur für Arbeit will be on site to coordinate co-operation with all the relevant partners in the employment market while the new Capital Airport BBI is being built. “Now that the entire employer service for the Koenigs Wusterhausen region is based at the airport, we are in a position to react very quickly here,” Ms Woythe stresses. At present, there are two employment agents on hand to serve the companies at and around the airport. Depending on how demand for new recruits develops, up to four agents could be posted on site.

“It is tremendously important that we manage the regional labour potential properly,” Dr Bobke-von Camen explains. “Growth at the Berlin airports already generates an average of two new jobs a day. As job machine Number One in the German capital city region, Berlin Brandenburg International BBI airport is creating many jobs in the construction industry. In the longer term, more people will find employment with regional companies in the aviation industry and, naturally, also in the tourism and service sector as a result of the BBI."

An office in the airportworld bbi visitor centre at Schoenefeld Airport will continue to be the first point of contact for employing companies. In addition to this, the job agency has an office in building G005 near the Cargo Center. There are also plans to expand the event programme so that as well as the established job shops and information events, such as the annual training and temp-work trade fairs, for example, some new services will also be introduced.

On 13 September, Berlin Airports is inviting potential employees to the so-called “Sicherheitstag“ (Security Day), when nine companies from the security sector will be presenting their vacancies at airportworld bbi.

The job agency was founded in December 2003 as a joint project of the municipal employment agencies of Potsdam and Berlin-Sued and Berlin Airports. Since then, more than 2,700 positions have been filled. “We will take advantage of the effects of the airport expansion in order to continue improving on the good results we have achieved over the past few years,” says Edelgard Woythe, summing up.

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