Another works contract awarded for new BBI

Berlin-Brandenburg group of tenderers is awarded contract to construct mains systems for BBI supply and waste disposal lines
Berlin Airports today awarded yet another contract for the Capital Airport BBI. The contract to construct the mains systems for BBI supply and waste disposal lines was awarded to the Berlin-Brandenburg group of tenderers beton & rohrbau C.-F. Thymian GmbH & Co. KG/Karl Weiss Technologieunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG/TWB Tief- und Wasserbau GmbH. Contractual obligations include laying the pipework for the wastewater disposal lines, sub-systems for rainwater drainage, the supply of drinking and firefighting water as well as mains systems for the heat and cooling supply. Services also include several wastewater pumping stations and lifting systems. At approx. 25.3 million euros, the contract awarded was within budget.

"Up until now, therefore, contracts totalling approx. 700 million euros were awarded for planning and building BBI. Around 85 per cent of these have been awarded to companies in the region", said Thomas Weyer, BBI/Technical Director of Berlin Airports.


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