Closure of South Runway at Schoenefeld

07.09.07 14:01
Airport BBI: Work is progressing on connecting the BBI runways with the existing south runway at Schoenefeld / Old northern runway to be closed from December
Berlin Airports is extending the current closure of the south runway at Schoenefeld Airport from 11 September 2007 up to and including 21 September 2007. The reason for the closure is work in progress on the BBI runways. During the ten-day closure, all air traffic will be allocated to the north runway.

Berlin Airports would like to apologise to all residents for the unavoidable noise nuisance, especially during the night hours, and thank them for their kind understanding. The north runway will finally be closed down as planned at the end of 2007.

Hannes Stefan Hönemann

Hannes Stefan Hönemann Head of Corporate

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Daniel Tolksdorf

Daniel Tolksdorf Spokesman

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