Better Road Link to Schoenefeld Airport

10.09.07 13:57
Opening of another section of the B96a / Punctual completion in time for the opening of the BBI
Schoenefeld is now even easier to reach by car. Today, Reinhold Dellmann, Brandenburg’s Infrastructure Minister, and Ulrich Kasparick, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Transport, opened a further section of the B 96 to traffic.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: “Schoenefeld is the location of the future for the entire Berlin-Brandenburg region. People travelling from Potsdam can now be at the airport even faster. This is an important step towards improving the infrastructure. The next step will be the opening of the section of the A113 according to plan in May 2008.”

The new section is 6.8 kilometres long and has four lanes. It goes from the already completed B 96 near Mahlow, bypassing Waßmannsdorf near Schoenefeld, and via the A 113 to the airport. The B96a is part of the metropolitan connection between Potsdam and the future BBI via the L40, the B101 and the L76. The entire project is scheduled for completion in time for the opening of the BBI in 2011.

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