A world of shopping at the airport

06.11.07 13:41
Numerous new openings and revamps at Tegel Airport / Germany's first walk-through shop / 160 new jobs
Passengers at Berlin-Tegel can now while away the time leading up to departure in a more pleasant way – in the numerous shops, cafes and bars which have newly opened or been revamped in the past few months. A particularly modern concept has also been implemented in Terminal C in the form of a walk-through shop. This duty free shop is the first of its kind in a German airport, and is designed in such a way that passengers are automatically led past the range of goods on offer after passing through the security checkpoint. The new service means passengers can either head straight to the shop or simply carry on to their gate.

"An attractive airport location must offer an excellent array of retail and gastronomy options. With the numerous new openings, we are now giving our passengers even more service", says Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports. "In addition to the traditional business in take-off and landing fees, the airports of the future can tap into new sources of revenue in the areas of non-aviation and real estate. The construction of the new Capital Airport BBI enables us to develop in totally new dimensions in this area."

A total of 28 new businesses have opened at Berlin-Tegel Airport since 2006 and 12 were expanded. There were 25 new openings in this year alone. The new businesses are staffed by a total of 160 employees. Another snack bar is scheduled to open as early as December. In addition, the Tegel boulevard will be extended again in spring of 2008.New openings in the gastronomy sector include Starbucks, an Illy bar, two Becks bars and two Segafredo bars, Brezel Mayer, Cindy's Diner, as well as a Marché restaurant, bar and bakery. And new shop openings include Lederwaren Lemm, offering leather goods, Marco Polo, the cosmetics store Beauty Place, Relay Buch & Presse, a Duty Free & Travel Value shop as well as the souvenir shop Berlin Berlin.

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