A clear view of the construction site: Berlin Airports opens BBI infotower

14.11.07 13:09
32 m high observation tower for 80 persons / Fascinating panoramic view of the huge airport construction site covering the equivalent of 2,000 football fields
The time has come: Today Berlin Airports kicked off its construction site marketing campaign and opened the BBI infotower. Effective immediately, daily sightseeing trips (four at first) to the BBI infotower are planned. According to airport CEO Dr. Rainer Schwarz: “In the nineties, the infobox at Potsdamer Platz was a huge magnet for visitors. Today, the BBI construction site is the largest and most important construction site in the German capital region. We are certain of one thing: Until the capital city airport opens, hundreds of thousands of visitors will visit the BBI infotower, follow the construction work and get a breath of airport atmosphere.”

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Brandenburg Premier Matthias Platzeck, and Berlin Airports' management were present for the opening.

Klaus Wowereit said: “The BBI is the largest and most important traffic and infrastructure project in the German capital region. The BBI infotower transforms the construction site into a showplace. I invite all residents of Berlin to come see the progress of the construction work with their own eyes and take a look into the future: In future, with the BBI, the German capital will be much better connected internationally.“

Matthias Platzeck, Premier of the German Federal State of Brandenburg, added: “In the truest sense of the word, the infotower is a building with a vision. Now that is open to the public, anyone can come here and see our region’s most important economic and job motor for him- or herself. We are creating a big piece of shared future here. Thousands of new jobs in new industries will be created here in the next few years.”

From the vantage point of the BBI infotower, visitors can experience construction work on the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI live. The 32-meter high tower is located in the centre of the future airport, adjacent to the BBI terminal and thus in the midst of the construction activity. With the help of 3D telescopes on the roof of the BBI infotower, visitors can simultaneously gaze into the future: computer animation brings the completed BBI to life before the eye of the beholder as it will appear when it opens in 2011.

The form of the BBI infotower, designed by the up-and-coming Berlin architectural studio Kusus+Kusus (Karin and Ramsi Kusus) is spectacular in and of itself: By virtue of the twisting of its triangular basic form, the tower changes appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The shell is made of a transparent membrane which underscores the dynamic shape of the tower and also permits illumination in a very wide range of colours.

Architects Kusus+Kusus designed the tower with a concrete core that houses a lift. An external staircase spirals upward around the concrete shaft to the two observation platforms, a triangular steel construction. While the lower observation platform offers visitors protection from wind and weather by means of a transparent skin, the upper platform is an open-air platform. Both platforms measure 70 square metres each. Together they provide space for up to 80 visitors.

From the roof of the BBI infotower, the view is currently dominated by a large excavation and dozens of excavators, cranes, and wheel loaders. The subterranean, six-track BBI railway station has been under construction here since July 2007. The railway station, which is 405 metres long and approx. 60 metres wide, simultaneously constitutes the foundation for the passenger terminal. The BBI railway station will rest on 236 concrete piers anchored firmly in the ground a depths of up to 20 metres. The concrete piers have already been erected. At present, 1.80 metre high foundation slabs measuring 30 x 30 metres each are being cemented in place. The piers and foundation slabs together constitute the foundation of the railway station.

Adjacent to the BBI infotower, a visitor pavilion with current information all about the construction work and the BBI is taking shape.

Visits to the BBI infotower are by prior telephone reservation at airportworld bbi only. Four shuttle buses depart from airportworld bbi for the BBI infotower daily at 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM. The cost is 10 Euro per person. Discounts are available for children/school groups.

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