BBI is already the region’s largest economic driver

Further BBI contract awarded / Awards totalling €825 million have already been awarded / 80 per cent awarded to local businesses / SME concept a great success
Berlin Airports announced today that a further contract for the new Capital Airport BBI has been awarded. The contract to build the supply and waste disposal cable networks for the BBI airport has been awarded to the consortium AREVA Energietechnik, Elpro GmbH (both from Berlin) and Westmontage Kabel und Netze GmbH (Essen). The contract comprises laying medium and low voltage cables, building the electric infrastructure for BBI and all telecommunication and IT networks. The winning tender to build the cable networks is within the allocated budget.

Commenting on the contract, Thomas Weyer, Berlin Airports’ BBI/Technical Director, stated: “This latest contract brings the total value of the contracts awarded by Berlin Airports to €825 million, of which more than 80 per cent has gone to local businesses. We can confidently say that our concept of supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises is a complete success. BBI is already the region’s largest economic driver.”

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