Noise abatement programme for BBI Airport gets underway

21.11.07 12:52
Berlin Airports investing over 100 million euro / First noise abatement installations in place in 2008
Over the next few years Berlin Airports will be investing over 100 million euro in its BBI noise abatement programme and in compensation payable to outlying residential areas. The noise abatement programme calls for installation of additional soundproofing insulation in private apartments and houses, and also in buildings requiring special protection, such as schools and kindergartens.

Berlin Airports are currently welcoming on board the key people involved in the BBI noise abatement programme. Contracts are being awarded to civil engineers and construction companies. The engineers are conducting on-the-spot research to determine what action is necessary to attain the stipulated levels of sound insulation in living rooms and bedrooms. Berlin Airports are planning to create a pool of specialist firms who will be responsible for installing the additional soundproofing.

As already reported, Berlin Airports have to date awarded contracts worth a total of 825 million euro for the BBI construction project. Over 80 percent of these contracts have gone to companies based in the region, and it can be assumed that local companies will have equally good opportunities to land contracts for some of the soundproofing work.

The first events providing information on the BBI noise abatement programme for Selchow and parts of Bohnsdorf have already taken place. Residents in the vicinity of the airport showed great interest and many house and apartment owners have already filed applications for additional sound insulation. On-site inspections and installation of additional soundproofing in these two districts will commence in 2008. The master plan for buildings with special functions has been completed and work on these is also scheduled to start in 2008.

All residents of the area defined as requiring protection against aircraft noise will this year receive a brochure containing detailed explanations of all matters relating to the BBI noise abatement programme. Applications for additional soundproofing can be filed with Berlin Airports simply by writing to the following address:

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