The old Schoenefeld north runway is history

04.12.07 11:35
No more noise in Berlin-Bohnsdorf / Berlin Airports announced today that another important step towards the opening of the new Capital Airport BBI has been completed.
The access lanes linking the existing Schoenefeld south runway to the new BBI runways have been completed to schedule at the end of November after a construction phase lasing several months. This work needed to be carried out as the present Schoenefeld south runway is to become the north runway of BBI. Four new access taxiways and four rapid exit taxiways have been built.

While the construction work was carried out Berlin Airports temporarily used the old Schoenefeld north runway, which has now been closed permanently. Since 1 December 2007, all flight operations at Schoenefeld will be using the south runway.

Berlin Airport would like thank all the residents of Bohnsdorf for their patience and understanding for the temporary increase in noise due to aircraft taking off and landing on the north runway.

Hannes Stefan Hönemann

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