The Federal Administrative Court of Germany unappealably rules that Tempelhof Airport will close in 2008

04.12.07 11:31
Windrose Air and AFI Ambulanz Flug fail with their appeals / Over €160 million loss incurred since 1991 / 50% drop in passenger numbers
Green light for the closure of Tempelhof Airport: Berlin Airports welcomed the final and unappealable ruling announced by the Federal Administrative Court of Germany today. The court has ruled that Tempelhof Airport can close as planned on 31 October 2008. “Today’s court decision finally clears the way for us to close Tempelhof Airport, which has been making a loss for years. Since 1991 the operation of this airport has cost us €160 million,” said Berlin Airports’ CEO, Dr. Rainer Schwarz.

The closure ruling of the Berlin local authorities was confirmed on 12 February 2007 by the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. Four business aviation companies, including Windrose Air and AFI Flugambulanz, lodged an appeal against the ruling, aiming to have the ruling overturned by the Federal Administrative Court. However, Germany’s highest administrative court saw no merit in the appeal, thus finally bringing years of wrangling over the closure of Tempelhof to an end.

“Finally, we have legal certainty for the closure of inner-city airports,” said Dr. Schwarz. “Every attempt to continue flight operations at Tempelhof would pose a threat to the planning basis for the extension of Schoenefeld Airport to become the new BBI. It is high time to bid farewell to the historic Tempelhof Airport and turn instead to the unique new prospects presented by the new BBI Airport.”

As reported previously, Berlin Airports have invited airline companies to relocate their services to Tegel. The necessary capacities to handle additional flights are to be created. Berlin Airports is creating additional capacity for the business aviation companies in the southern section of Schoenefeld Airport. The existing GAT (General Aviation Terminal) will be extended and an additional hangar is to be built. With the start of the winter flight schedule 2011/2012 all flight operations over the German capital will be handled at BBI in Schoenefeld.

Traffic figures at Tempelhof continue to decline rapidly. Berlin Airports expect passenger numbers to drop by half, from 635,00 a year to 350,000 in this year. The number of passengers arriving or taking off from Tempelhof presently stands at fewer than 1,000 per day.

Background: Today’s Federal Administrative Court ruling confirms the ruling of the Higher Court of Berlin-Brandenburg on the closure of Tempelhof Airport which was announced on 12 February 2007. It is one of three rulings on the concentration of flight operations in the greater Berlin region on the new BBI at the existing site of Schoenefeld Airport. In November 2005, the Higher Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg approved the closure of Tempelhof Airport at the latest six months after the opening of the new BBI. In March 2006, the Federal Administrative Court unappealably approved the extension of Schoenefeld Airport to become the new BBI.

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