Residents in neighbourhoods around the airport receive Berlin Airports’ BBI Noise Protection brochure

21.01.08 13:26
More than €100 million to be provided for the BBI noise protection programme / First noise protection measures to be put in place this year
Berlin Airports today presented its Noise Protection brochure which contains comprehensive details of the BBI noise protection programme and is specifically aimed at local residents in the areas immediately adjacent to the new BBI airport. Last Friday and Saturday, the brochure was distributed in Selchow, Bohnsdorf, Mahlow, Blankenfelde, Schulzendorf and Eichwalde. Berlin Airports CEO Dr. Schwarz stated, “This brochure is intended to provide all local residents with comprehensive information about the BBI Noise Protection scheme. We are fully committed to maintaining a good relationship with local residents who may be affected by airport operations, as we believe that it is essential that we all work together to shape our common future.”

The 20-page brochure provides residents with a comprehensive overview of the programme and gives details of the steps required to submit an application or receive a grant for noise insulation. This important information will ensure that all residents affected by the airport receive the noise protection they are entitled to and appropriate compensation for exposure to noise in gardens and external areas.

Over the next few years Berlin Airports will be spending more than €100 million on the BBI Noise Protection programme and on compensation for exposure to noise in gardens and other external areas. The Noise Protection programme includes the installation of noise insulation in residential houses and apartments and in special noise-sensitive buildings, such as schools and kindergardens.

The noise insulation measures required in any specific location will be determined by engineering and planning experts. The building work will be carried out by a pool of specialist contractors selected by Berlin Airports. The BBI Noise Protection programme will be implemented over a period of four years; around 25,000 houses and apartments are affected.

Please note!

The Noise Protection brochure contains an application form for noise insulation measures. This form can be submitted by post or in person to Berlin Airports at the following address:

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