Announcement by Berlin Airports regarding the sale of land acquired under the land reform to FBS:

08.02.08 12:04
The verdict of the Federal Court of Justice concerning sites acquired under the Brandenburg land reform has no real impact on the expansion of Schoenefeld Airport into BBI Airport. Its sole purpose is to resolve legal issues. This is currently the case. The state of play:
  • Berlin Airports acquired two plots of land from Brandenburg under the land reform in good faith. As the state of Brandenburg was entered in the land register at the time of sale, Berlin Airports is the legal owner of this land. The Brandenburg Ministry of Finance is liable for any claims for damages.
  • The state of Brandenburg temporarily stopped the sale of three plots of land to Berlin Airports. The three sites, each with an area of just under 2,000 m2, are situated outside BBI's operational area. Acquisition of the land is therefore not critical in terms of time. The land is required for rail and road connections on the other side of the airport fence. As BBI Airport has been officially approved, these sites can in any case no longer be used for other purposes. It makes no difference to Berlin Airports from whom it purchases the land required for BBI.
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