Capital Airport BBI

25.04.08 14:59
Vanderlande Industries GmbH, Mönchengladbach, awarded contract for constructing baggage conveyor system at Berlin Brandenburg International Airport BBI
Berlin Airports has awarded yet another contract for the Capital Airport BBI. Following a Europe-wide call for tenders, the contract for constructing the baggage conveyor system for the passenger terminal has now been awarded to Vanderlande Industries GmbH in Mönchengladbach. Berlin Airports was able to place the contract on the market on time and within budget.

The automatic baggage conveyor and sorting system constitutes the operational core of the new passenger terminal and meets the latest safety requirements. All outbound items of luggage and luggage from transfer flights will be inspected by the built-in multistage X-ray control system. On going into operation, the system will initially have a sorting capacity of 9,000 items of luggage per hour. This will enable up to 25 million passengers to be handled per year without a problem. The system can also be extended to suit requirements.

Awarding the contract for services on time ensures that the system manufacturer can plan and assemble parts for installing the system as of 2010. Construction work will begin on the exterior of the passenger terminal as of mid 2008.

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