BBI awards another big contract

06.05.08 14:28
Siemens and Honeywell have been awarded the contract for technically equipping the air traffic areas
Berlin Airports has awarded another contract for the Capital Airport BBI. After a Europe-wide invitation for bids, the bidding team “Technical equipment of air traffic areas”, which consists of the companies Siemens and Honeywell, was awarded the contract for technically equipping the air traffic areas. The contract was awarded on-time and in accordance with the calculated budget.

Key services include the manufacturing, the commissioning and the six-month test operation of navigation lighting and signposting of the runways, including taxiways and apron. Furthermore, the contract includes the manufacturing or expansion of an early-warning ice system, apron lighting, ground power supply, docking system, perimeter road lighting, video monitoring, expansion of existing navigation lighting or new construction of navigation lighting stations to supply the navigation lighting system.

The construction work will begin in June.

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