Relocation to Schoenefeld can begin

13.06.08 10:53
Office space, lounges and hangar ready on time for Tempelhof GAT traffic / Business Aviation gets prime location on BBI
With the upcoming closure of Tempelhof Airport on 31 October 2008, Berlin Airports is taking the first step towards concentrating air traffic in the capital at Schoenefeld/BBI. While scheduled traffic is being relocated to Tegel, General Aviation (GAT) is being moved to Schoenefeld. Berlin Airports has invested a total of 7.5 million euros in expanding and modernising GAT facilities in Schoenefeld. This includes building a two-storey office building with 1,000 m2 of usable floor space, expanding and modernising the existing GAT terminal and building a new hangar with 2,800 m2 of usable floor space.

According to the closure ruling for Tempelhof Airport, Berlin Airports is obliged to complete the replacement buildings for GAT in Schoenefeld by 15 June 2008. Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: "The replacement buildings are standing. We can now start relocating our Business Aviation customers from Tempelhof to Schoenefeld as scheduled. Thanks to the expansion of GAT, Business Aviation will be in a prime location on the Capital Airport BBI."

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