Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI:

19.06.08 10:38
BAM, Max Bögl and ALPINE Bau awarded contract for structural work on terminal
Berlin Airports has awarded another million-euro contract for the Capital Airport BBI. Following a Europe-wide call for tenders for structural work, BAM Deutschland AG, Stuttgart, has now been awarded the contract for constructing the shell of the passenger terminal. At the same time, the consortium Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG/the Berlin branch of ALPINE Bau Deutschland AG, was awarded the contract for completing the structural work for the north and south piers. According to current plans, the services contracted include completing the shell for the 220-metre-long and 180-metre-wide main terminal building, and structural work for the 720-metre-long main pier and the two 300-metre-long north and south piers for low-cost carriers, which are directly linked to the main pier.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, regarding the awarding of the contract: "On awarding the contract for structural work for the terminal we have taken a major step towards completing BBI. In the next few months we will be able to see the new airport for Berlin and Brandenburg gradually rise up from the ground."

Thomas Weyer, BBI/Technical Director of Berlin Airports: "The terminal will be the mainstay of the future Capital Airport BBI. Awarding the contract for services on time ensures that work on BBI – which is expected to open at the start of the 2011/12 winter flight schedule – can continue according to schedule."

The terminal facilities have a total gross floor area of around 280,000 square metres. The terminals rest on 800 drill-foundation piles, which are anchored up to 20 metres deep into the ground. Approximately 35,000 tons of steel and around 150,000 cubic metres of concrete are used to construct the shell of the terminal. Concrete is supplied by BBI's own on-site concrete factory, which has its own rail track for delivering aggregates.

Work will begin on constructing the terminal in July 2008. During peak periods, up to 1,000 construction workers will work on the new terminal alone. 25 tower cranes will be needed to carry out the structural work.

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