New bypass for Selchow

23.06.08 10:34
New bypass makes western part of airport accessible / Selchow free from through traffic / Six kilometres of agricultural roads completed
The little district of Selchow bordering on the west of BBI has been given a new bypass in the course of improving road access to BBI. The new bypass is around 3.3 kilometres long and flows into the L75 state road north of Selchow. The bypass makes the western part of the airport accessible via the excellent road network with the B96a federal road.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: "We are delighted that the new bypass has contributed to significantly reducing traffic noise in Selchow. Traffic flowing towards BBI will now go round Selchow."

Dr. Udo Haase, mayor of Schoenefeld: "We are delighted with the airport's cooperation. In addition to the bypass, around six kilometres of agricultural roads have been completed, which had to give way to the construction of the new south runway. Farmers can now drive unhindered to their arable land and meadows again, without having to make major detours."

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