BBI station: First preliminary construction section complete

02.07.08 10:20
Project on schedule / 430 employees given work from a consortium of SMEs / 53,000 cubic-metres concrete used for sheeting / Two more years of work on the station and tunnel
Berlin Airports has completed work on the first 185-metre long sub-section of the preliminary construction for the station. This section forms the foundation for the BBI terminal. The underground BBI station will be a total of 405 metres in length and 60 metres in width and has two platforms for regional and long-distance trains, as well as one for city and suburban rail.

Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin: “The first big section of the BBI construction work is complete. This means that Berlin and Brandenburg’s most important future project is increasingly taking shape. In the next few years, hundreds of thousands of visitors will be able to watch from the BBI Infotower how the Mark Brandenburg sand is turned into one of Europe’s most modern airports”.

The preliminary construction is being performed by a consortium (Arge) of SMEs. Arge consists of Schälerbau Berlin, Berger Bau, Berlin branch, Bleck & Söhne Hoch- und Tiefbau, Berlin, as well as Ingenieurbau Gesellschaft mbH, Berlin. 430 employees from the medium-sized consortium are involved in the construction of the station.

Ulrich Junghanns, Economic Minister of the state of Brandenburg: “The first large construction section of the capital airport BBI was completed on time and in good quality by a consortium of SMEs. Our concept – to involve the regional economy in the construction – is a success. Up to now, around 85 percent of contracts have been awarded to companies from the region. The punctual and high-quality completion shows that we are right to trust our SMEs”.

Dr Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry for Transport, Construction and Town Planning: “I am happy that the first preliminary construction section has been completed today. The construction of the BBI station is thus completely on target. Furthermore, the location of the station in the first lower ground floor enables the construction of the terminal to be started without further ado. Our construction project is thus contributing to the completion of the entire airport by 2011”.

The costs of the rail connection of the BBI total around 636 million euros. Berlin and Brandenburg are contributing EUR 30 million each and EUR 576 million is being funded by the government.

Dr Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: “The on-time completion of the station once again confirms that we are well on target to open the BBI on 31 October 2011. Even today, it can be clearly seen that the BBI station will ensure the shortest routes. Passengers arrive with the city and suburban railway and travel to the terminal directly by the escalator or the lift. From the arrival to the check-in counter, it only takes five minutes”.

Schwarz continues: “We did our homework: within the airport fence, we are completely on schedule and can start the construction of the BBI terminal on time. The excellent road network to the BBI is also complete. Thus, it is all the more important to find answers to the urgent questions of planning and construction of rail connections to the BBI”.

The sheeting and earth-moving work for the station began in March 2007. The first concrete was used at the end of June 2007 for the drilled piles, the last concrete was poured into the top panel in June 2008. 53,000 cubic-metres concrete were manufactured in BBI’s concrete plant for use in the construction of the station. 8,800 concrete mixer drives were required for the transport of this amount of concrete to the station pit. These drives only took place on the building site, as the transport of aggregates to the concrete plant was performed by rail for the sake of the environment. 8,800 concrete mixer vehicles lined up behind each other on the motorway would correspond to a lorry convoy of 132 kilometres. Furthermore, 5,800 tons reinforcing steel were used for the preliminary construction. 190 articulated lorries were required to bring the reinforced steel to the building site.

A special challenge for the planners was the different electrification of the trains in the underground station and tunnel. Regional and long-distance trains are operated with 15,000 volts alternating current in overhead electrified rails. The city and suburban railway, on the other hand, is operated with 825 volts direct current in electrified rails on the platforms. This generates various magnetic fields that could influence the technology of the aircraft and appliances in the terminal. In order to prevent this, extensive earthing measures were installed in the concrete and the ceiling.

In the next two years, the construction work at the BBI station will continue at a rapid pace. In the two coming years, the remaining tunnels will be erected. In the second half of 2009, Berlin Airports will hand over the preliminary construction of the station and the eastern tunnels, including the mouth of the tunnel, to the German railways. One year later, in mid-2010, the western tunnel under the future airfield will be handed over to the German railways.

The station at a glance:

The station consists of two sections: - A six-platform, 285 metre long, 60 metre wide and 10 metre deep section. This has two city and suburban railway tracks with a central platform and four long-distance platforms with two central platforms. - A four-platform, 130 metre long, 45 metre wide and 10 metre deep section. This has four long-distance platforms with two central platforms. Both these platforms are 405 metres long so that a double ICE can stop there.

Track connection - The city and suburban railway terminates in the station and travels back to Schönefeld station - The long-distance train drives through the station without stopping and stops 7 kilometres further east on the existing route of Görlitzerbahn

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