BBI Summer Tour of Brandenburg 2008

15.07.08 14:03
Full information about the new Capital City Airport / Send-off in Potsdam / BBI on tour from July to September
The future Capital City Airport, BBI, is off on a summer tour. Matthias Platzeck, prime minister of Brandenburg, Jann Jakobs, lord mayor of Potsdam, Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports, and Edelgard Woythe, chair of the management board of local employment office Agentur für Arbeit in Potsdam, all came along to give the tour a good send-off. Berlin Airports will be travelling all over Brandenburg from July to September 2008. The BBI Summer Tour 2008 aims to inform the people of the region – from Prignitz to Uckermark and Lusatia, from Havelland to the Oder – about the opportunities and potential that this, the biggest development project in Berlin and Brandenburg, holds for them. The main topics of the BBI Summer Tour are present construction projects, prospects for the airport region and job opportunities for the region. A webcam provides live new pictures of progress on the BBI construction site. An opening event is planned for every stop along the tour. Discussion rounds and competitions with attractive prizes (free flights and BBI sites tours are up for grabs) offer an extra incentive for people to visit the BBI Infobus. What’s more, in cooperation with the Brandenburg employment office, the Infobus will also hold events to provide information about the situation on the employment market as well as the job prospects the BBI creates.

Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck welcomed the Berlin Airports Summer Tour initiative. “It will bring the “new gateway to the world” straight to the Brandenburgers’ doorstep and give them the chance to learn about the largest infrastructural project in East Germany, one of Europe’s most up-to-the-minute airports, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. The BBI will be a “neighbourhood” airport for everyone in Brandenburg and Berlin, whether they live in Uckermark, Lusatia, Neukölln, Prignitz or Treptow.”

As Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports said, “Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, BBI, will open in 2011, but even today you can sense how important the BBI is to the development of the region’s economy and labour market. The BBI Summer Tour is an open invitation to the people of Brandenburg to come along and find out about the new airport for the capital city region.

The BBI Infobus will be visiting rural regions and towns around Brandenburg. The BBI Infobus’s first stops are:

  • 15.7.-17.7. Potsdam, the Brandenburg capital, on the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate
  • 18.7.-20.7. Cottbus town, Altmarkt
  • 21.7.-23.7. Ostprignitz-Ruppin region, Neurupppin, Schulplatz (old town)
  • 24.7.-26.7. Prignitz, Perleberg, Marktplatz
  • 28.7.-30.7. Teltow-Fläming region Luckenwalde, Am Rathaus
  • 31.7.-02.08. Elbe-Elster region, Finsterwalde, Marktplatz

We will notify you about the August venues in good time. Berlin Airports looks forward to seeing you at the BBI Infobus.

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