A work camp with a green heart – circular trail completely marked

20.08.08 12:45
End of the International Work Camp 2008 / Sixteen young "Zuelow carers" from 10 nations draw a positive conclusion
This weekend will see the departure of the "Zuelow carers", 16 youngsters from 10 nations, leaving the way open for hikers: these young international visitors have spent the past three weeks working voluntarily in the natural landscape in and around Rangsdorf, marking the circular trail "Green Heart".

The youngsters were both enthusiastic and in high spirits as they worked on marking the new trail, which extends approximately 9 km through Rangsdorf. A green spot on a white square now leads from the railway station through the green heart of the town. Visitors can either stroll through Rangsdorf's streets in the shade of tranquil avenues or experience surprisingly idyllic spots such as the Zuelow lakes, with views of the rural area of Groß Machnow and the conservation areas of the Zuelow lowlands providing diversity.

The work of the international volunteers was also highly diversified: around 200 metres of fascines were bundled into brushwood by hand to strengthen the marshy trail through the Zuelow lakes as naturally as possible and repair it using several barrows full of soil. A plank now provides easy access to a lookout point, and low-hanging branches and rampant grass were cut back to enable a view of the natural beauty along the trail. A bench was assembled as a resting place and a barrier was erected to prevent cars from driving onto the new circular trail at the Kiessee lake, which is also ideal for bathing.

The youngsters received help from various sources, including Rangsdorf's civic amenity site and the conservation and forestry departments. They also received words of encouragement and sweets for during their breaks from local residents and sightseers, who were watching the youngsters at work. The participants ended their stay with trips to the surrounding area, Berlin and Potsdam, and to the construction site of the new Capital Airport BBI.

This is the fourth time that the Landschaftspflegverein Mittelbrandenburg e.V. (Central Brandenburg Association of Rural Conservation) has organised the International Work Camp in conjunction with Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (ijgd) (Association for International Youth Community Projects). The international movement is being sponsored by Berlin Airports, which is committed to enhancing the natural and cultivated landscape in the region in the long term as part of the statutory conservation measures for building the BBI Airport. The main focus here is on the Zuelow lowlands, whose depleted natural state will be revitalised with, for example, blooming peripheral and grassland structures and woodlands along the Zuelow channel.

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