The show and event terminal at Schoenefeld Airport will open at the beginning of November 2008

10.09.08 10:58
Berlin Airports and Air Service Berlin take off into the future: construction work starts on Terminal C
Even better, more exclusive: from the beginning of November, Air Service Berlin’s new departure lounge will be located at Schoenefeld Airport. A few days ago, the extensive construction work started on the new Terminal C. Integrated into this new building will be a modern, architecturally appealing event and show terminal. Up to 500 visitors will be able to meet, party, attend conferences and take flights with Air Service Berlin’s spectacular flying machines. This concept, which is completely new in Germany, will be housed in an architectural highlight. The plans of the renowned Austrian architect Fritz Breitenthaler call for lots of glass. Visitors entering the terminal will be greeted by a magnificent view across the apron and the air traffic. The entire terminal will be without corners and angular edges: the wing-shaped glass structure has been designed using only curves and ellipses.

The preparations for the relocation of Germany’s largest event aviation company are running at full speed. The company’s range of services, including flights on the fascinating “Raisin Bomber” (Douglas DC-3), are set to become even more exclusive and thrilling at Schoenefeld. The new terminal will include a state-of-the-art high-tech cinema, where visitors can watch a fascinating film to get them in the mood for their flight on board the last Raisin Bomber in Europe. 4k quality and Dolby Digital 5.1 will provide an unrivalled film experience. The film is currently being made with renowned cinematographers and producers in Hollywood. The drive from Terminal C to the Raisin Bomber promises to be just as enthralling: Air Service Berlin has purchased an original American school bus which arrived in Berlin yesterday.

Terminal C will open on the 1st of November.

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