Brussels Airlines takes off from Tegel in 4 days

22.10.08 15:19
Due to the imminent closure of Tempelhof Airport, Brussels Airlines will be operating its very last flight from Berlin’s historic inner-city airport on 25 October 2008. As from 26 October 2008 all of the airline’s five daily flights will depart from Tegel Airport; the airline will also be increasing the number of seats on its flights.
Brussels Airlines – the market leader for Berlin-Brussels services – will in future continue to fly up to five times daily from Berlin to the European capital, but has moved its services from the defunct Tempelhof Airport to Tegel Airport. The service will be operated with the airline’s AVRO jets RJ82 and RJ100, which have 92 and 97 seats respectively. The slots have been transferred from Tempelhof to Tegel, allowing Brussels Airlines to depart at the same times as previously. The flight schedule has been optimised slightly: the first flight from Brussels to Tegel in the winter flight schedule takes off a little later – at 06:55 hrs – and the return flight from Tegel to Brussels also leaves later, at 09:00 hrs. The number of seats available on the services has been increased by 60% on the second morning flight from Berlin by deploying an Airbus A319 on this service.

“The closure of Tempelhof Airport is a very emotional moment for all of us, but at the same time we are also delighted to have found an excellent solution at Tegel for our passengers, thanks to our good working relationship with Berlin Airports. We are pleased to continue our efficient and fast services seamlessly from Tegel Airport,” said Helmut Gläser, Country Manager of Brussels Airlines in Germany.

”We are very happy to welcome Brussels Airlines to Tegel as from 26 October,” said Dr. Rainer Schwarz, Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Airports. “Together with Schoenefeld, Berlin’s busiest airport, Tegel, will be providing sufficient capacities for smooth, punctual and efficient flight operations until the new capital airport BBI opens in 2011.”

Brussels Airlines launches its services at Tegel Airport on 26 October 2008 and will be departing from Terminal D. The airline will have a dedicated check-in counter (No. 90/91) in the terminal, making the check-in process swifter and easier for passengers.

Brussels Airlines’ ticket office will also be moving from Tempelhof to Tegel; as from 26 October 2008, it will be located in the Main Terminal (Inner Ring) at Position 13, thus putting ticket office and check-in desk is close proximity to each other and making departure even faster and more convenient.

In addition to the five daily flights from Tegel, the airline also flies from Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, covering a dense network and taking passengers to more than 70 destinations in Europe, Africa and India via Brussels.

The strategic alliance between Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines – pending approval from the regulatory authorities – means that Germany is set to become an even more important market for Brussels Airlines.

About Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines, the Belgian carrier, offers a wide range of services from and to the airline’s hub at Brussels Airport. With 3,000 staff and 49 aircraft, the airline operates over 300 punctual services to more than 70 hubs in Europe and Africa. On the airline’s inner-European services, which are operated with AVRO, A319 and Boeing 737 planes, Brussels Airlines offers 'b.flex economy+', the best economy class in Europe with an unrivalled degree of flexibility and comfort at very attractive prices, and 'b.light economy', a highly appealing 'low fare' product. On medium and long-haul flights, the airline has retained the traditional economy and business class model. All flights to Africa are operated with Airbus A330-300 aircraft. In addition to 16 African destinations, Brussels Airlines also cooperates with alliance partners to offer long-haul services to the United Arab Emirates, China, Thailand and India, and services to 33 North American destinations via New York and Chicago. Brussels Airlines is owned by SN Airholding and it profits from over 80 years of airline experience in Belgium. On 15 September 2008, Deutsche Lufthansa AG announced that it would be buying a strategic equity share in Brussels Airlines.
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