Tegel Airport: more space, improved noise control

02.12.08 13:48
Aprons relocated to the southern part of TXL / Improved noise control thanks to noise barrier
More space at Tegel Airport: in relocating aprons from the northern to the southern part of the airport by late November, Berlin Airports has created five apron stands. The parking stands, which are now right next to Terminal C, create space for larger aircraft. Waiting and taxiing times are also reduced and therefore the noise and pollutant emissions caused by aircraft.

In connection with relocating the aprons and as a preventative measure, Berlin Airports has erected a noise barrier abeam of the new apron stands. The 600-metre-long and – depending on the topography and angle – up to 8-metre-high noise barrier protects the neighbouring residential area, especially the residents of the "Cité Pasteur", from ground noise.

Dr. Rainer Schwarz, CEO of Berlin Airports: "By expanding Terminal C and creating five new apron stands we are optimising operations at Tegel Airport until BBI opens in 2011. The new noise barrier ensures the reduction of noise exposure in the neighbouring residential area."

Sonic calculations made by Berlin Airports have shown that a noise barrier reduces noise exposure for the neighbouring residential area, even after relocating the aprons.

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